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Wireless Surveillance

About Safety Watch

Introducing our Safety Watch series, a comprehensive turnkey solution for outdoor cellular and wireless video surveillance. With multiple flexible configurations and camera options, Safety Watch offers swift deployment of cellular-connected cameras, making it ideal for combatting crime, enhancing security in parks, distributed locations, and various law enforcement applications. Our Safety Watch Remote Cameras provide complete support and warranty packages, providing peace of mind for mission-critical applications.

For video recording, we offer our own CloudEdge hybrid video management system, which provides dashboard access to all deployed Safety Watch systems from a single interface, with role based access control (RBAC). Safety Watch boasts a suite of cutting-edge features, including single fixed or PTZ cameras, encrypted access, night illumination, and robust outdoor weatherproof design. With powerful remote system control and health monitoring, trust in Safety Watch for long-term reliability and maximized operational performance. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and secure surveillance solution that meets your specific requirements.

Secure Multi-User Access

High-Quality Recorded Video

CloudEdge Technology

Cellular Connectivity

Rapid Deployment

Easy Install Pole/Wall Mount

Flexible Camera Options

Turnkey Intuitive Solution


Specification description
Dimensions 10″ X 8″ X 6″ (without mounting bracket)
Power Input 120 VAC Outdoor Cordset with AC Plug
Power Protection Internal Inline Fuse (10AMP)
Peripheral Connection Weatherproof Ethernet Connection
Communications 4GLTE Connectivity
Advanced Networking Obsidian Integration MIP EC3 offers Point to Point 802.11 and Advanced Routing
Data Ports External Weatherproof PoE for Tethered Cameras
Video Management CloudEdge VMS. Alternative VMS options available in MIP EC3 product
CloudEdge VMS Features Single Interface for Multiple Sites, Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Cloud Storage (Optional)
Fixed IP Cameras Axis IP Camera Technology, 2MP, 15 Meter IR, Outdoor Rugged
PTZ IP Cameras Axis IP Camera Technology, HDTV 1080P, 10X Zoom, 360 PTZ, No IR, Outdoor Rugged
Camera Support Up to 3 IP Cameras
System Mounting Easy to Install, Pole Mounted Via Strapping, & Flat Wall Mount
Operating Temp 20F – 122F
System Cooling Active Fan System, Venting Default at 85F Remote Monitor, Set, Alert, Smartphone & Web
Remote Management Precision Case Support, CloudEdge VMS Management 5 Year Standard Warranty with Active CloudEdge Subscription
Warranty 5 Year Standard Warranty with Active CloudEdge Subscription
Third Party Equipment Available in Obsidian Integration MIP Systems
Spec Sheets download SafetyWatch Spec Sheet
download Cloudedge VMS Spec Sheet

CloudEdge Video Management System (VMS)

Unlock the full potential of your Safety Watch product series with our CloudEdge Hybrid Video Management System. This secure and user-friendly solution empowers you with remote multi-user access, RBAC, local recording, and optional cloud storage, providing uncompromised video surveillance capabilities while allowing users to operate within the bounds of limited cellular data plans. CloudEdge integrates the best-in-class VMS capabilities, cloud-based management, and edge storage, providing a single interface for controlling all remote cameras. Enjoy unlimited scalability, supporting an unlimited number of users and sites, along with a full DVR/VMS capability suite, and cloud backup. Benefit from end-to-end encryption, ensuring video security during transmission and storage, without the need for port forwarding or static IPs.

With CloudEdge, experience unparalleled flexibility and control over your remote video assets. The CloudEdge HVR (Hybrid Video Recorder) intelligently stores video locally at the edge, offering on-demand access without exhausting cellular data plans. Simplify management and enhance the usability of your remote surveillance systems with CloudEdge — your key to smart, streamlined surveillance.

Solution Overview

Safety Watch Use Cases

Safety Watch provides an ideal solution for Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and neighborhoods to enhance security and monitor entry/exit points. With its turnkey approach and cellular connectivity, Safety Watch offers swift and hassle-free deployment of wireless cameras in residential areas. Residents can feel safer knowing that their community is under constant surveillance, deterring potential threats and enhancing overall security. Safety Watch’s advanced features, such as encrypted access and night illumination, ensure effective monitoring and protection round-the-clock.

Safety Watch is the perfect choice for ports and maritime environments, where security is critical. Its robust and weatherproof design enables it to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Safety Watch’s high-quality video surveillance ensures comprehensive monitoring of port facilities and vessels. With its flexible configurations, Safety Watch can also be deployed to support webcams to provide live feeds, allowing stakeholders to remotely view real-time port conditions.

Safety Watch is a reliable partner for educational institutions, ensuring the safety and security of students, staff, and campus property. With its turnkey and adaptable nature, Safety Watch can be easily installed across campus grounds to monitor critical areas, such as entry points, parking lots, and common spaces.

Safety Watch’s capabilities extend beyond fixed locations, making it a versatile choice for monitoring traffic and intersections. Its wireless and cellular connectivity allows for flexible deployment, enabling monitoring at critical traffic points. Safety Watch’s high-quality video and advanced features, including night illumination, multi-camera support, and local recording, ensure accurate traffic monitoring and recording. Transportation authorities can make informed decisions based on real-time and historical traffic data, enhancing traffic management and safety.

Safety Watch plays a crucial role in enhancing security and surveillance in public and transit areas. Whether at bus stops, train stations, or public squares, Safety Watch provides an effective solution for monitoring public spaces. Its rugged design and weatherproof construction enable it to withstand outdoor environments, while its cellular connectivity ensures seamless monitoring without the need for fixed infrastructure. With its turnkey approach and support for leading VMS options, Safety Watch empowers transit authorities to maintain a safe and secure public transportation system.