Health Monitoring & Advanced Technical Services

Obsidian Precision Care

Precision Care Services gives you peace of mind. This service ensures you have a skilled remote technician available to you with rapid response for services such as technical, implementation support, configuration,updates, retraining and more. Our experts have advanced skills in all major sub-systems and common peripherals. Feel confident in a expert resource being on stand-by for you.

  • Rapid Remote Response

  • Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Configuration and Update Assistance

  • Implementation and Retraining Support

Edge RMM

Edge RMM is our Remote Monitoring and Management solution. Consisting of integrated Hardware and Software probes, system health parameters are monitored in real-time. SMS and Email alerts are sent to users when issues are detected. These alerts give timely updates ensuring rapid response and help to limit downtime. When bundled with Precision Care our techs can apply proactive support.

  • Self Service Tools

  • Automated SMS & Email Alerts

  • Historical Trending Data

  • Enhances Technical Support Capabilities

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