Modular IoT Platform (MIP)

About MIP EC3

Wireless Connectivity

Secure Surveillance

Weatherproof Design


IoT Connectivity

Modular I/O Plate

Universal Rail System Flexible Device Support

Easy install pole/wall mount


Specification description
Dimensions 14 X 12 X 8 Housing / 14 X 14 X 12 installed on mounting bracket
Power Input 120 VAC, Weather-tight, Twist Lock Connection – DC Operation Optional
Max. Power Consumption 2.5A – 7.5A @ 120VAC, Based on Component Compliment
Power Protection Push/Pull, Series Trip, Thermal Breaker
Power Reset Web Based Reset Option, Manual Keyfob Option
Peripheral Connection Weatherproof Twist Lock Data Connection
Supported Tehnologiest 4G/5G Cellular/ Wireless/ COFDM/ Microwave/ Cable/ Others
802.11 AP Tied to Selecetd Comms Cellular Modems, Routers, Etc
Antennas Configurable: SMA/ TNC/ N| Direct Mounted External Antennas Supported/ GPS
Data Ports/POE Up to 4 External PoE + Connections
Video Management Obsidian EdgeNVR3, CloudEdge VMS, Customer Specified Options Also Supported
Video Analytics Edge Based LPR Options Available
IP Cameras Configurable: Up to 4 PoE+ IP Cameras Supported
Other Peripherals IP Devices, PoE, IR Illuminators, Radar, PIR, Sensor, Collectors, Etc
System Mounting Easy to Install, Pole Mounted Via Strapping, 1.5″ – 20″ + Dia Pole, Wall Mount
Operating Temp Wide Operating Temperature Range: Enclosure -20 -22+60C | 3rd Party Items Operate @ MFR Specs
System Cooling HVAC Controlled High Efficiency Dual Exhaust & Venting, Threshold Alerting , Scheduling
System Heating Optional: HVAC Controlled 30 Watt Internal Heating, Threshold Alerting , Scheduling
Remote Management Precision Case Support, CloudEdge VMS Management
Standard Warranty 12 Months Standard, 3 – 5 Year Available LES Extended Warranties Available
Spec Sheets Download MIP EC3 Spec Sheet

Solution Overview

MIP EC3 Use Cases

The MIP EC3 empowers remote site surveillance with its weatherproof and rugged design. By providing edge communications, power management, and environmental control, the EC3 ensures seamless remote monitoring in challenging environments. With the Universal Rail System (URS) for easy component mounting, the EC3 is a flexible platform that supports a variety of surveillance devices. From fixed cameras to PTZ units, the EC3 enables swift and efficient deployment, enhancing situational awareness and security in remote locations.

The MIP EC3 serves as an efficient data collection hub for various sensors, making it an ideal choice for environmental monitoring and data gathering applications. With its modular I/O panel and adjustable device connections, the EC3 can easily integrate different sensors and transmit data to central systems. Regardless of the sensor type or data being collected, the EC3’s reliable connectivity and robust performance ensures accurate and real-time data collection.

Embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution with the MIP EC3 as a versatile IoT gateway. Its weatherproof and outdoor-ready design allows it to function in diverse environments, providing a secure and efficient data transfer gateway for IoT devices. With powerful remote system control and health monitoring capabilities, the EC3 ensures smooth data transmission, enabling seamless communication between IoT devices and central servers.

The MIP EC3 offers the flexibility to function as a custom communication gateway for various applications. Whether it’s for remote data transmission, video streaming, or control signals, the EC3’s adaptable design allows it to serve as a reliable communication hub. With its Universal Rail System (URS), the EC3 can mount external devices, such as radios or communication equipment, providing a tailored communication solution for specific operational needs. Trust in the EC3 for robust and efficient communication in your custom applications.