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With an LES account, explore a comprehensive range of advanced security and surveillance products designed to empower law enforcement agencies. Benefit from specialized wireless video technology, covert surveillance solutions, and robust reliability that guarantees top-notch performance.

Discover the power of tailored solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of law enforcement agencies, enhancing your capabilities and supporting on operations in the field.

Our Products Support Mission Critical Operations

Covert Surveillance Solutions

Our specialized covert surveillance products offer discreet monitoring capabilities, supporting undercover operations with unparalleled precision.

Urban Surveillance Solutions

Ensure urban safety and crime prevention with our LES products, offering extensive surveillance coverage for city-wide security.

Public Safety & Crime Prevention

Foster safer communities with our LES technology, facilitating crime prevention efforts and increasing public safety.

Exclusive Advantages of Our LES Products

Cutting-Edge Surveillance Technology

  • High-resolution cameras deliver crystal – clear imagery, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

  • Benefit from robust wireless connectivity for secure data transmission across locations.

  • Our smart devices adapt to various environments, from urban settings to remote areas.

Customizable Solutions for Unique Needs

  • With a versatile range of products and modular designs, we offer flexible configurations that adapt to various applications, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup.

  • From covert surveillance to large-scale deployments, our products can be customized to fit your budget and operational demands, maximizing efficiency and performance.

  • We prioritize user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, simplifying system operation and reducing training time for your personnel.

Secure and Confidential Operations

  • Where applicable, we employ the use of FIPS 140-2 Compliant devices, adhering to Federal information Security requirements.

  • Obsidian Integration understands the importance of data security. We use robust encryption protocols to increase protection for sensitive information transmitted through our systems.

  • Obsidian Integration’s commitment to your confidentiality extends to our data handling policies. Obsidian limits data access to personnel within your organization that you have expressly authorized.

Streamlined Training and Integration

  • Our intuitive products ensures swift onboarding and minimal training time for your law enforcement team.

  • Experience smooth integration of our cutting-edge technology with your operational workflows.

  • Achieve operational efficiency with our intuitive systems and reduce downtime during deployment.


What Our Clients Say

Federal Agency

Your performance, quality, capability, and design are all a winner for us.

Certified Technical Investigator

Florida Based State Agency

We’ve had your boxes deployed for years. They work great and save us significant time and cost over DIY.

Special Agent

New England Based State Agency

Chris – Hey we just got the boxes to my office. Beautiful job, beautiful clean box, really nice we’re all impressed.


Pacific Northwest Federal Agency (Regional Office)

We have had 20 of your boxes deployed for years now, which have helped on several cases. You make great products.

Technical Enforcement Officer

Midwest Based State & Local Agency

The ********** product is amazing. We can’t keep them on the shelf!

Narcotics Enforcement Officer

Oregon Based State & Local Agency

Thank you, it was great to meet you and Lee. You guys do some great work.

IT Director

Security & Privacy Assurance

At Obsidian Integration, we understand the priority placed on security and privacy, especially for our law enforcement-sensitive customers. For this reason, we have a dedicated Law Enforcement Portal, allowing us to individually vet each Law Enforcement user to increase the confidentiality of both our product and customer information.

We are committed to complying with industry best practices and security standards. We work with you to protect the confidentiality of your operations and information.


Adhering to regulatory requirements at every level

Meeting Industry Standards for Law Enforcement Solutions

Committed to Lawful and Responsible Surveillance

Working with clients to preserve the integrity of evidence