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Hello, my name is Chris Anderson and Welcome to Obsidian Integration LLC

I have been involved in designing and building wireless M2M, IoT and security camera products of all shapes and sizes for more than a decade.  Now I have brought a skilled team together to create Obsidian Integration in my own vision to serve you.  I take pride in our work and feel confident that it shows in each and every system we build. I’ve designed and been responsible for thousands of systems deployed in a wide range of applications from law enforcement surveillance, critical infrastructure cameras, oil field sensor aggregation to rugged portable data systems and many more. These products have used an array of complex technologies and have always been designed for turn-key operation in remote environments.  Each of my product designs has continued an evolution and refinement at the cutting edge of advanced wireless technologies.


Chris Anderson – Owner

A forward looking entrepreneur with a passion for technology and integrated systems. Over the years Chris has developed and extensive skill set, enabling him to own the complete life cycle of very large, technically complex projects and business endeavors.  His skills extend to several critically important business areas including Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Operations.  Through his career he has gathered a unique and complimentary skill set which he has applied to significant business endeavors. Two of the major accomplishments that highlight these capabilities include:

In his previous position as a Vice President at Feeney Wireless, he developed an entirely new product set and market focused around surveillance products and custom integration. This included very complex integrated solutions and services used extensively by Federal/State/Local Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as an array of systems used for IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine To Machine) applications in the commercial space.

He was also responsible for the award of a number of large federal programs for technically complex systems. These programs have served many major three letter government agencies (DHS, DOJ, FBI, ICE, ATF, etc) and included IDIQ (Indefinite Duration Indefinite Quantity), GWAC (Government-Wide Acquisition Contract) under FFP (Firm Fixed Price) contracts. 

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Custom Fabrication

We maintain a fully outfitted fabrication facility ready to handle jobs of all sizes. Using standard design building blocks allows us to combine standardized solutions with project specific configuration and design.

Metal Fabrication: Most products that are deployed into demanding applications require robust inner-workings.  Obsidian Integration excels at utilizing custom metal design to support equipment infrastructure and component mounting.  We partner with precision manufacturers to create systems which will stand up to day-after-day use in remote locations, extreme temperatures and rugged environments.

Plastics Fabrication: Plastics provide several unique benefits and in many cases can simplify the fabrication process, reduce cost, and accelerate delivery of integrated systems.  Most projects requiring remote equipment number in the tens, hundreds and sometimes thousands, but not massive quantities.  So why use systems that are designed to produce tens or hundreds of thousands of devices for smaller run, project specific manufacturing needs? A key benefit of plastics is the ability to gain great flexibility in design while balancing price in low-volume manufacturing environments.

3D Modeling: Our designers start each project conceptualizing in 3D modeling spaces.  We use our standard building blocks and address the unique challenges of every request very quickly and easily through the use of this technology.   Used in combination with our extensive fabrication capabilities designers quickly take concepts and ideas and turn them into products in house.  This enables Obsidian Integration LLC to quickly meet any project demand and produce high quality, complex designs very rapidly.

Wire Harnessing: Every electro-mechanical system has extensive power, signal and control interconnects (even the wireless ones!).  Our designers work from a background in aerospace harness design and apply those capabilities to our in-house harness design and manufacturing systems.  By keeping the ability to prototype and small-run manufacture in house with high volume outsourcing we can easily and quickly develop, manufacture and ship systems.

Mechanical Design

Obsidian Integration has a decades of combined experience in mechanical design for an array of applications and technologies, including expertise in:

  • Security Cameras & CCTV

  • Electro-Mechanical Systems

  • Wireless and Cellular Integration

  • Electrical Equipment Enclosures

  • Transportation Communication Systems

  • IoT & M2M Technologies

  • PTP/PTMP Wireless

  • Remote Sensor Systems

  • Weatherproof Design

  • Low Power System Optimization

  • Electronic Wire Harness Design

  • Sub Assembly Manufacturing


Long ago designers at Obsidian Integration realized that there must be a way to balance small run project requirements with standardized product design. This began the never-ending search for ways to support modularization. All Obsidian Integration products are produced on a standard set of building blocks and use a Layer based approach to design.

Layer 1

  • External Housing

  • Chassis Mounting Systems

Layer 2

  • Infrastructure Equipment

  • Power Distribution

  • Environmental Systems

  • Base Networking

Layer 3

  • Modems

  • Computing Systems (NVR)

  • Cameras

  • Radios

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