Portable Communications

About Chameleon

The Chameleon is a versatile and secure communications and control powerhouse, designed to safeguard sensitive electronic equipment in challenging environments. With applications ranging from Technical & Covert Surveillance to Special Events, Mobile Command, Emergency Management, and Pop-up Connectivity, the Chameleon offers a dynamic platform for a range of use cases. Featuring a modular and customizable framework, the Chameleon allows easy component mounting, empowering users to tailor the system to their specific needs. It also provides varied connectivity options, including multi-carrier cellular data, high-bandwidth bonded connectivity, and Wi-Fi for client access.

The L12 and L24 Power models, with internal LifePO4 batteries, offer extended run-time, while AC/DC power source compatibility enhances operational flexibility. Weatherproof, climate-controlled, and rugged, the Chameleon is built to withstand demanding conditions, making it ideal for portable operations. The system’s Universal Rail System (URS) enables hassle-free internal component mounting, providing users with a fully adaptable solution. With a compact size and airline carry-on compliance, the Chameleon offers mobility and convenience.

Secure Communications

Flexible Connectivity

Modular Design

Rugged Construction

Rapid Deployment

Configurable I/O Panel

Internal Battery System

Wheeled Transport Case

Chameleon Specifications

Specification description
Dimensions 22” x 14” x 9” Airline Carry-on OK
Weight Varies based on component load 15 – 30LB
Environmental 30 – 122F Operation, May Vary Based on Payload, Internal Circulation/Venting
AC Power AC Power Transformer Included, Operation, Battery Charge, Simultaneous
DC Power DC to DC Power Transformer Optional, Operation, Battery Charge, Simultaneous
Battery System LifePO4 Batteries, 288 Watt Hours, Integrated BMS, LVD, Fusing, Power Meter
Operation Times Cellular modem/gateways: 8 – 24+ Hours (depending on model and usage)
Component Power 12VDC Device Power Flying Leads, Universal Terminal Connections Provided
3RD Party Components Modems, Routers, Gateways, NVR/DVR IoT Sensor Gateways, Cameras, Drones, etc
Input / Output Panel Modular Design, Standard Options include: DC Power, PoE, Antenna SMA, USB, etc
Integrated Features Inlid White Board, Inlid Storage*, Power Meter, Internal Air Circulation, Universal Rail System
Antennas Internal Up to 17-in-1, MIMO WI-FI, LTE, GPS | Up to 11 External Antenna SMA Connections
Upgrades/Options User Selectable Internal/External Antenna Passthrough, I/O Panel, AC/DC Power
Spec Sheets Download Chameleon Spec Sheet

Chameleon Use Cases

The Chameleon is the perfect solution for enabling secure and efficient communication for remote workforces. Whether in remote job sites or temporary offices, the Chameleon ensures seamless connectivity and reliable data access. Its weatherproof and rugged design makes it suitable for use in challenging environments, empowering remote teams to stay connected, access critical data, and collaborate effectively. With the Chameleon’s modular framework and adaptable Universal Rail System (URS), businesses can easily customize the system to meet the specific requirements of their remote operations.

From large-scale festivals to corporate gatherings, the Chameleon plays a vital role in ensuring smooth event operations. Its ability to provide pop-up connectivity and secure communications makes it invaluable for event organizers. With the Chameleon’s multi-carrier cellular data and high-bandwidth bonded connectivity options, event attendees can enjoy reliable internet access, seamless live streaming, and real-time updates. Its compact size and portability also enable quick deployment and easy setup, saving valuable time and resources during event planning.

The Chameleon’s capabilities extend beyond communications, making it an excellent solution for capturing and managing sensor data. Whether monitoring environmental conditions, collecting scientific data, or tracking industrial processes, the Chameleon’s customizable framework allows for easy integration of various sensor technologies. Its weatherproof and climate-controlled design ensures the protection of sensitive data-capturing equipment, providing a secure and efficient platform for sensor data collection and analysis.

In mission-critical scenarios, reliability and adaptability are of paramount importance. The Chameleon excels in these demanding environments, offering a robust and secure communication platform for crucial operations. Its internal LifePO4 batteries and AC/DC power source compatibility ensure uninterrupted power supply, guaranteeing continuous operations even during power outages. The Chameleon’s ability to withstand challenging conditions, paired with its modular design, makes it an ideal choice for mission-critical applications, such as disaster response, emergency management, and military operations.

The Chameleon is the go-to solution for remote surveillance needs. Its weatherproof and rugged construction allows it to thrive in various outdoor environments, making it suitable for surveillance in remote areas or challenging terrains. With its modular and customizable framework, users can easily integrate surveillance cameras and other monitoring devices. The Chameleon’s multi-carrier cellular data and WiFi options enable remote access to live video feeds and surveillance data, ensuring real-time monitoring and enhanced security.

When the need arises to expand network coverage temporarily, the Chameleon proves to be a valuable asset. Its pop-up connectivity capability enables the rapid establishment of temporary network nodes, extending coverage to remote locations or event venues. With its high-bandwidth bonded connectivity, the Chameleon can handle increased data demands, providing reliable network access during peak usage. The Chameleon’s portability and ease of deployment make it an efficient solution for temporary network expansion in various scenarios.