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10 Keys for Reliable Outdoor IoT & Data Systems

This handy 2 page guide is a great quick read that covers the most fundamental items for remotely deployed electronic systems like security, sensor monitoring, equipment control, IoT and more.  It gives you 10 extremely important design criteria you should consider in every single device you intend to put in outdoor locations.  Included is information on housing selection and construction, power considerations, environmental tips on heat, cold and moisture protection and more. These 10 key items, and the included checklist could potentially time,  stop failures and protect your investment.  To read more please enter your name and email below and I’ll email your copy immediately.

  • Insights from thousands of designed and installed outdoor systems.
  • This free guide can easily save you from failed remote systems.
  • Even one missed item can cost you thousands in downtime and service calls.
  • A quick checklist is also included to ensure everything is set for your next outdoor project.

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