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Welcome to Obsidian Integration LLC.

Obsidian Integration is a leading provider of integrated security and surveillance solutions, serving both law enforcement and commercial customers. We are a team of dedicated professionals specializing in the design, engineering, fabrication, and delivery of robust solutions capable of operating seamlessly in standalone, remote, and harsh environments.

Our solutions are built upon a modular ecosystem, allowing for flexible configurations, adaptability, and long-term viability. Through collaboration and consulting, we pride ourselves on engineering turn-key and built-for-purpose solutions that empower clients to achieve their security and surveillance objectives.

  • 20+

    Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Served

  • 1,000s

    Systems Deployed

  • 200+

    State/Local/Commercial Customers Served

  • 75+

    Years of Specialized Team Experience


Integrated Wireless Solutions

Safety Watch

Turn-key wireless surveillance solutions designed for outdoor safety and monitoring of remote areas.


Modular IoT platform offering weatherproof protection and seamless integration for IoT and surveillance applications..


Portable powerhouse for secure communications and data processing in challenging environments.

Law Enforcement Solution

Gain authorized entry to our Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES) portal for specialized law enforcement solutions.

Our Customers

les portal

Law Enforcement

Discover our Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES) portal, providing law enforcement agencies with access to a specialized lineup of security and surveillance products. We offer a wide range of unique surveillance solutions, enabling law enforcement personnel to enhance their investigative capabilities and maintain public safety.


What Our Clients Say

Federal Agency

Your performance, quality, capability, and design are all a winner for us.

Certified Technical Investigator

Florida Based State Agency

We’ve had your boxes deployed for years. They work great and save us significant time and cost over DIY.

Special Agent

New England Based State Agency

Chris – Hey we just got the boxes to my office. Beautiful job, beautiful clean box, really nice we’re all impressed.


Pacific Northwest Federal Agency (Regional Office)

We have had 20 of your boxes deployed for years now, which have helped on several cases. You make great products.

Technical Enforcement Officer

Midwest Based State & Local Agency

The ********** product is amazing. We can’t keep them on the shelf!

Narcotics Enforcement Officer

Oregon Based State & Local Agency

Thank you, it was great to meet you and Lee. You guys do some great work.

IT Director

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