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Components and Accessories

Obsidian Edge NVR

Multi Voltage Power Supply

Night Stone Backup Power Supply

Custom NEMA Enclosures

Hoffman Enclosure Accessories

MCore (Modular Core System)

Power Management and Computing

Obsidian Edge NVR

This is an edge based recording appliance ready for unattended remote installations.  It is ideal for small to medium sized systems. It is Windows 10 IoT Based featuring Milestone XProtect Video Management Software making this robust system the key to standalone surveillance allowing you to confidently capture evidence and easily access it.

Night Stone Backup Power Supply

Many street light systems are remotely switched making it impossible to effectively use them for video surveillance and similar outdoor equipment. The Night Stone Backup Power Supply is your answer to this problem. The unit installs inline to AC power topping up internal batteries until it senses power loss and instantly switches to backup power. It is designed to directly support many Obsidian products and retrofit kits are available for existing product retrofit.

Multi Voltage Power Supply

This PSU is our modular power solution.  It has 3 factory configurable outputs ranging from 3.3 to 52VDC and can support hundreds of watts per channel.  It is the core power solution for NEMA enclosure systems. Power standard electronics, modems, radios, IoT sensor gateways, PoE+, 24V PoE Radios and more in a compact, low cost solution.

NEMA Enclosure Products & Accessories

Custom NEMA Enclosure Design & Fabrication

We Customize NEMA Electrical Enclosures to your specifications.  Our Design Services Include:

  • Exterior & Internal Structure Fabrication

  • 3D Modeling Capabilities

  • CAD/CAM Routing & 3D Carving

  • Laser Cutting, Profiling & Engraving

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Wire Harness Design & Build

  • System Enhancement & Augmentation

Hoffman Enclosure Accessories

Our products utilize Fiberglass Enclosures from Hoffman Pentair and other manufacturers.  These NEMA boxes are great starting points sometimes requiring and extensive amount of enhancement to meet the demands of long term outdoor support for internal systems.  Our in-house designed solutions and accessories are also available to purchase standalone including:

  • 14 x 12 Fan Plenum, Dual Side Exhaust Fully Weatherproof Design

  • 70 Degree Panning, 2 Piece Mount.  Install in 5 minutes to any pole or wall

  • Value Priced Mounts for Flat Surfaces and Limited Pole Diameters

  • Rack & Rail Systems For Modular Sliding Shelving Units

  • Custom Products Designed to Your Specifications

MCore (Modular Core System)

Our MCore system is unique by giving you modular infrastructure and turning your primary active components into plug and play building blocks.  Once outfitted with MCore, it takes only seconds to add, remove or swap devices from one enclosure to another. Using modular technology from Obsidian Integration means you can be deploying your enclosure today instead of being stuck in the shop building it.

MCore is available as DIY components and in many of our video surveillance and security products, and is also available for use in general purpose communications enclosures and electrical boxes.  For these types of solutions, MCore can deliver plug and play functionality for Cellular Modems, Computing Devices, Network Video Recorders (NVR), Cameras, Routers, Radio Systems, and many other components.


Spec Sheet

MCore Overview

Obsidian Sentinel Device

The Sentinel series of products from Obsidian Integration provide ultimate visibility and control of remotely deployed IP systems. It is ideal for wireless video security & surveillance, kiosks, mobile systems and many other IoT applications.  This appliance is installed at the edge as part of the local network and enables complete remote monitoring of all localized assets in a bandwidth friendly manner.  The agent communicates with our EdgeRMM system for ongoing health status checks and email or SMS alerts upon any detected issues.

The Sentinel gives a local point of connection into the LAN ensuring complete remote control.  In addition, the unit can be upgraded to add power relays or full out of band management for enhanced system reliability.

Spec Sheet

If your remote systems are down, how do you know?
Sentinel Provides:

  • Email & SMS Status Alerts

  • Unattended System Control

  • Enhanced Recovery & Troubleshooting

  • Improve Remote Recovery Rates

  • Significantly Reduced Site Visits

Example Deployment

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