12x14x8 NEMA Enclosure – Mounting Kit


12 x 14 x 8 Inch NEMA Enclosure Mount Kit. Universal Pole and Wall two piece mounting system.  Allows easy single person installation, mounts to a wide range of pole diameters.  Provides up to 70 degrees of horizontal adjustment after installation.


This 12 x 14 x 8 NEMA Enclosure Mount Kit is ready for installation on our 12x14x8 Fiberglass Weatherproof Enclosures and fits a standard Hoffman A12148XXXX Series Fiberglass Enclosure.  It is easily installed via powerful thread forming screws, provided with the kit. The kit consists of a three components, two rear brackets which mount to the enclosure.  One Pole/Wall receiver is provided and easily mounts to any pole or wall surface.  The mounting bracket is provisioned for easy installation and can be strapped or bolted in place.  This mount includes approximately 70 degrees of horizontal adjustment after installation, making maintenance, access and positioning for location specific installations such as WLAN, Wireless Radio or Video Security Equipment easily optimized.  The NEMA Enclosure Mount kit allows for easy single person installation in just a few simple steps, and is easy for a single person even with heavy enclosures:

  1. Install receiver on pole/wall surface via strapping or bolting in place.
  2. Simply hang enclosure, with installed mating brackets onto receiver
  3. Adjust laterally as needed & secure in place with provdied lock-nut

Note; Ensure fasteners used are secure and capable of handling 3x the weight of the loaded enclosure prior to attachment

Product Highlights:

  • Rugged metal construction
  • Supports 50+ lb enclosures with equipment installed
  • 70 degree horizontal adjustment after installation
  • 2 step install, easy for single person or technican
  • Installs in about 5 minutes
  • No Drilling of Enclosure Required

Product Attributes:

External Dimensions:

Material: Powder Coated Metal

Color: Grey


Pole Mounting: Straps Pole Diameters 2″ – 24″

Wall Mounting: Lag Bolt Flat Surfaces

Enclosure Attachment: 4X Powerful Thread Forming Screws

Fasteners: Includes Lock Nut

Optional Accessories: Security Locknuts, Straps

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs