12x14x8 NEMA Enclosure – 12 Inch Rack Shelf Assembly


NEMA Enclosure Rack Shelf Assemblies, 12 Inches, Removable shelves including a universal mount pattern and DIN Rail.  Framework is included with these systems, they are ready for self or factory installation using our vertical rails.  No drilling required to mount your components and devices. The DIN rail can be bottom mounted if not in use, These shelves provide full vertical adjustment via sliding rails, the enclosure rack 12″ inch shelves maximize internal space and ease of access inside 12 x 14 x 8 weatherproof enclosures.


This 12 Inch NEMA Enclosure Rack Shelf Assembly is ready for installation on our 12x14x8 Inch Fiberglass Weatherproof Enclosures with vertical rails.  These racks add a completely new dimension to your project by giving you a universal, fully flexible and adjustable horizontal mounting system.  Typical installations use a backplate or panels for devices, these 12 inch racks make use of all available space and significantly increase ease access to internal components.  Our 12 Inch Rack is flexible in three important ways:

  • Complete vertical adjustment: Position your shelf at any location within your NEMA box.
  • Tool Free Shelf Removal: Remove two thumbscrews to pull the entire shelf free.
  • Universal Mounting:
    • Each shelf has a standard perforated mounting pattern – No drilling required.
    • Reversible DIN Rail is installed on each shelf – Standard DIN devices can also be directly mounted.

Each is a compete assembly which can be pre-installed at the factory or self installed with ease.  This version is sized for our 12 x 14 x 8 Fiberglass Weatherproof Enclosure.  It fits a standard Hoffman A12148CHQRFG Series Fiberglass Enclosure.  This rack requires our standard vertical rail system for internal attachment, also available as an add-on in our store.  Up to four rack shelves can be added to these boxes significantly increasing component mounting options.  We use these NEMA Enclosure Rack in a number of products and systems including power and networking, computing, communications and control devices.  The ease of access and overall flexibility this 12 Inch Rack Shelf truly upgrades project boxes.

Product Highlights:

  • No drilling required – Universal mounting pattern
  • DIN Rail – Includes a built DIN mount option
  • Tool Free – Shelves and components removed in seconds using thumbscrews
  • Full Vertical Adjustment – Move to any vertical position within the enclosure
  • Enhances Usability – Maximize space usage, minimize work by eliminating drilling.
  • Upgraded Servicing – No tools means simple access and complete, quick removal.

Product Attributes:

External Dimensions:

Construction: Aluminum Extrusion, Acetal, ABS

Color: Black


Device Mounting: Universal Pattern, DIN Rail

Includes: Shelf frame, Universal body, Fasteners,

Enclosure Attachment: Obsidian Vertical Rail System

Accessories: Rail Fasteners Included

Availability: Self-Install or Factory Installed

Assembly: Pre-Assembled from factory

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs